0.5 BETA

Version 0.5 (Stokenet beta testing) there will be 10 beta testers called for this stage

In this phase, beta testers will have access to our first usable version. They can:

  • Create virtual wallets

  • Test the buying bot and a Trade bot for real-time ecosystem trading

  • Test real-time notification system, such as:

    • Notification when Buy bot purchases a token

    • Notification when Trade Bot completes a trading schedule

  • Identify and address potential bugs and inconsistencies in wallet creation, management, and recovery

  • Test our social trading features:

    • In this version, all wallets will be public and will be shown in the leaderboard list where users will be able to copy the user's assets by tracking their purchase and sale transactions in real time. Function to hide your wallet will be available in the next version

  • Test the community ranking system (users who have successfully opened their wallets to be followed and copied)

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