What we do?

3Syde Tip: No private keys or wallets will be kept by us, find out more about how you will be safe in the Security section.

Virtual wallets

Skip the hassle of using your wallet app for your transactions. With 3Syde, conduct all your trades directly through our platform, streamlining your crypto dealings. No matter your device. Be part of the community using your wallet and earn rewards for being active.

Advanced Trade Bots

Harness the power of our sophisticated trade bots. These bots are programmed to analyze market trends and execute trades on your behalf, optimizing your trading strategy for the best possible outcomes. Transfer some of your work to them, you will always be notified when a task is completed.

In the beginning, we will provide 2 utility bots:

  1. Buy/Sell Bot: This intelligent agent automates the buying and selling of tokens based on predefined criteria set by you. it will also have a liquidity pool feature, where you can buy a token as soon as it is launched on some dex

  2. Binguard Bot (Not available in version 0.5): This is a special bot that we are putting a lot of effort into developing, for a good connoisseur half a word is enough, stay tuned for updates

Social Trading Features

Follow and Copy Trading

Unlock the power of collective wisdom with our follow and copy trading features. This functionality allows you to mirror the moves of our platform's most successful traders. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn from seasoned veterans or an experienced trader seeking to diversify your strategies, this feature simplifies the process.


Stay informed and inspired with our real-time leaderboard that ranks traders based on their performance, consistency, and profitability. This dynamic ranking system helps you identify top traders quickly and easily, providing a snapshot of who is leading in the trading arena. Earn rewards by being recognized by the Syder community.

Community-Driven Portfolios

Participate in a collaborative trading experience with community-driven portfolios. These portfolios are curated based on collective insights and voting by the community members, allowing you to benefit from a diversified approach to trading. It's a fantastic way to leverage the strength of the community to potentially increase your returns and mitigate risks. By integrating these features into your trading approach, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience, making more informed decisions and fostering a more connected and supportive trading community.

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